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We provide a full range of professional Appraisal services for executors, trustees and individuals, banks and trust companies, insurance companies and adjusters, lawyers and attorneys.

Professional Ethics

It is a violation of professional ethics for an Appraiser to offer to buy an item that has just been appraised.. 

Maximum Returns

With over 35 years experience in selling complete Antique estates we can handle all the details. We have expert knowledge of local market conditions and collector sources


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 English mahogany Victorian Dining Suite
Pewter tea service by Selangor
M. Demonceaux Sevres style vase

Antique Appraisals.ca gives expert advice on the value of personal property and residential contents.


Put your Trust in us

With over 35 years experience in selling antiques, fine art and residential contents we have first hand knowledge of valuable antiques.Through our antique and estate sale business, and exposure in the local auction industry, we have acquired a large database of experts that we can call upon for information not available to the general public.This connection to experts is necessary to acquire the history and identification of certain objects.
We can provide disposition of collections for attorney clients who choose to sell one item or an entire estate due to death, divorce, relocation, bankruptcy, foreclosure, illness or admission to a nursing home.
Often the lawyer is not familiar with the contents of a client’s home when settling an estate and distributing household contents of a home equitably. We can provide a walk through to indicate items of value that should be appraised.
Prior to the attorney forming a trust or writing a will for their client it is important that the attorney’s client know what is valuable in their home. As a preliminary step we can provide a walk through to indicate what should be appraised and then appraise those items at the direction of the client.
So many heirs find that the items their parents thought to be of little or no value are of considerable value at their death. It is better to be informed than to sell a valuable asset for little or nothing after the death of their family member. For example a $1,000 teddy bear was stored among stuffed animals of little or no value.That teddy bear could have been sold for a few dollars if the heirs had not hired an expert appraiser to view the contents of the residence prior to the estate sale.

Antique Appraisals.ca

Antique Appraisals.ca came in to being through our other business BCAcquisitions.com as we saw its direction change from buying and selling antiques to appraisals of estates we saw a need and have changed our focus to meet the market place demands.

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